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Heather James (
Mon, 8 Jun 1998 08:16:03 -0400

Its very strange - as I don't normally use the Audio very much in
CU-SeeMe - but I started Cornell v1 and noticed MY audio was grayed out -
and not selectable in Preferences. I started ver 92 and couldn't get
anything either - when I tried to get to the Audi Preferences, it said
"Please enter an interger between 1 and 8". I opened WhitePine 3.1.1 build25
and AUdio seemed fine - the only setting choice there was "SoundBlaster16".
Then I opened WhitePine 2.12 and checked audio in there - and switched it to
Now when I open Cornell v1, then audio is normal again. My suspicion is
that you have capabilities in WhitePine 3.1.1 that Cornell 1 doesn't, and if
you leave it configured to one of those newer WhitePine-only audio codecs,
Cornell can't start Audio properly.

Maybe the Audio Codec setting is held in the Windows registry, and used by
any CU that is opened?

Whatever it is/was, I doubt most folks would have all these versions of the
software available/installed to use.

For what its worth, my platform is an AMD K6-233 with 64megs of RAM and an
old Soundblaster 16 (Classic, not PnP). I'm running the consumer beta of
Win98, and do the web via v.90 56k dialup.

-= )-(eather =-

Heather James

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> Subject: Hello again:)
> I have downloaded the new version from
> your website
> and even connected 1:1 and at a Reflector site....however, for
> some reason,
> all my audio stuff is grayed out!!! I cannot access any audio and I was
> beginning to get into chatting with Canada very well with the
> last version?
> I am wondering why I have no references to audio capabilities
> availible to me
> on my system. when I turn on my cuseeme v.10...????
> Needless to say, something happens on my system because my friends have
> mentioned that they even have an Audio Tab in Preferences? I
> dont..and all
> other references on the toolbar, etc. are grayed-out and
> unavailable to me?
> I would appreciate your input and I did go to the help page and
> couldnt find a
> clue as to how and why this could be when my 9.2 (?) (last version) worked
> pretty well.....I was so looking forward to experiencing better
> audio and my
> goodness, I dont have it at all?
> Thanks