Re: Cameras

Mark Andrew Nassy (
Mon, 8 Jun 1998 10:28:22 -0400

id like to add the following informationto my earlier post re: cameras.

Keyspan readies USB PCI card.
< >
Mac owners won't have to buy a new machine this summer to get the benefits
of the Universal Serial Bus, thanks to a PCI card to be announced next week
by Keyspan.


as such should u wish to transmit color video with wp mac cu ( and or
possibly an as of the writing of this message an unreleased version of
cornell mac cu) with a nubus or pci macintosh you need a video digitizer
(scsi, serial, nubus,pci, usb (dunno if sometime in the future connectix
will make a mac usb version of quickcam available for the imac), or
(possibly) firewire (i dont know if this is available yet) ), video
digitizer software, a camera and quicktime.

Mark Andrew Nassy,