Re: RAM and Video speed

Jason Williams (
Mon, 8 Jun 1998 11:30:33 -0500 (CDT)

On Mon, 8 Jun 1998, Gary Dietz wrote:
> Also, Jason said another Urban legend -- that 3.1 is optimized for CU 3.1.
> Again, nonsnese. MPCS makes even Cornell CU (all versions) fly, compared to
> old versions of Reflector, especially at modem speeds.

I assume you mean the "myth" that CU 3.1 is optimized for MPCS. I never
said MPCS is optimized for CU 3.1. True, MPCS does make all client
versions fly, but it's the client which has support for RTP using G.723
audio. Only the 3.X client supports it. Also, the recent problems with
CU 3.1 connecting to non-White Pine reflectors shows this. I believe this
is fixed now, though I haven't used enough to verify it.

I seem to recall one of the White Pine tech people stating on the list
that the 3.1 client works along with the bandwidth manager in MPCS to
help lower bandwidth users out. If I remember, this was one of the
reasons for the grayscale build 25 bug.

In a message I just dug up dated Wednesday, Feb. 18th, Bill Ryan states:
>>Im not so sure smoother vid is a direct result of 3.1 (The MeetingPoint
>>reflector has a lot to do with that as well as quality settings on each
>A combination of both actually (MPCS and Clients).

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