Re: RAM and Video speed

Gary Dietz (
Tue, 9 Jun 1998 06:45:20 -0400


I have no doubt that you had the problems that you did. They certainly can
relate to environment and other programs running.

But to make a blanket statement that 64Mb is required or you'll crash is
just not true.


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>Date: Tuesday, June 09, 1998 2:54 AM
>Subject: RAM and Video speed
>>>On Sat, 6 Jun 1998, Phil wrote:
>>>> If you have less than 64 megs of RAM it's likely to crash. However, it
>>>> runs rather well (within certain limitations) if you feed it 64 megs of
>>>> RAM and run a PCI bus video capture card.
>>That is utter nonsense. I know of (and myself) run 3.0/3.1/3.11 on a
>>Pent with 24Mb or RAM (32Mb is recommended).
>Is your hard drive rather busy?
>I've run CU v2.1 on a 100mhz Pentium, and the performance was bad enough to
>persuade me to buy a faster motherboard about a year ago. (AMD K6/133 MMX)
>Maybe I'm just a stickler for performance?
>As I stated in an earlier post, my USR Bigpicture cam's software may be
>partly to blame for the shortage of memory. There may be other factors in
>my environment that are causing the shortage.
>I run ICQ whenever I'm online. I run a 24-bit color display. I run a
>couple handy-dandy utilities such as Dunce (Dialup Networking Connection
>Utter nonsense or not, White Pine CuSeeMe crashed after a few minutes every
>time I ran it until I went from 32 megs to 64 megs. Maybe it was the 33rd
>meg that fixed my system, but it absolutely didn't run well with only 32
> Phil

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