No Video

bobale (
Tue, 09 Jun 1998 08:31:54 -0400

I have a Dell XPS P120, Pentium(r) with 12 MB RAM, 32 bit files
system,and have had CUSM for two years. I havent used it in some time
so I thought I would crank it up. Lo and behold it states missing a .dll
file(I forgot which). Sooo, smart me I check and find I have the
original downloaded file in a temp file so I INSTALL it. It completed
installation and right at the last states it cannot find video capture
card "ok" (no options to help find it) and starts CUSM. Sure enough no
video, only audio. I go to your site and find that you now have 3.11 so
I download it and install, figuring it would see that I have QuickCam,
which is working on still camera, when I try to movie capture it tells
me something else is using that port? Go figure.
SO, after installation it still cannot find QuickCam.
Help! - in checking my files located under Program, CuSeeMe folder
with subfolders as follows;
Phonebook - subfolders
Wpb - Subfolders
My QuckCam folder is located under C:\
At the present time(since I installed CUSM again) I now have CUSM 3.0
installed and no video. I have installed so many times I am now
frustrated. Before deleting everything and starting all over again, can
you guide me. I looked in the FAQ's section and could not find anything
relating to finding video.
I hope this isn't too long but I wanted to make sure you had all the
information. TIA