Re: Difference in vid speeds between White Pine and Cornell

Bernard Matthews (
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 10:39:40 -0400

At 04:37 AM 6/9/98 -0400, Phil wrote:
>After I installed the USR Bigpicture, my CU v3.1.025 started running much
>faster but crashing all the time for no apparent reason. I was running 32
>megs at that time. When I went to 64 megs, it stopped crashing. It didn't
>crash when I had a color Quickcam on it, but it was so deadly slow that I'd
>wait 15 or 20 seconds for a response to clicking one of the icons on the
>main (not dialer) screen when online with a ref.

Phil, some of the USR Bigpictures were shipped with beta version
drivers. Look on your PC for drivers that start with the letters
'bt' (for Brooktree) and use the 'properties' function to see what
version they are. Newer drivers were available than the ones that
shipped with mine, but USR/3com never informed me or put stuff on their
web site about them.

>I suppose this means the USR's software is hoggier than the Quickcam. I
>don't know where the threshold is, but 32 megs is inadequate for that
>configuration. It's possible that 42 megs would work, but I hate to buy
>small pieces of memory.

I run the USR stuff in 48 Megs. But my machine always had 48. Don't
know about 42.

----- bernard