cusm on a mac-only LAN

Olivier Heinry, ex-tv (
Thu, 11 Jun 1998 14:16:33 +0200

I know that the list already concerned that topic but i re-read the older
messages and found a slightly different set-up. i must say i'm looking for
a software solution, since i cannot afford byuing a cisco or farallon
hardware router.

I'm an art student from Rennes (France) and i need to monitir a live-event
featuring performance and video next week.
I want to share a single ISDN-line between two macs (2 PPCs with 40 Mb RAM,
MacSO 8.1 Fr and OT 1.2) to have two machines on CU-seeme at the same time.
In that purpose, I built a small local network on Ethernet 10BaseT in a
star-structure, i mean, they are connected over a 4-slot RJ-45 hub. I use
the range which is in theory free for private networks.
There is a third PPC 7300/166 (64 Mb RAM, MacSO 8.1 Fr and OT 1.2)
connected to the hub too. This machine has an ISDN SAGEM modem connected to
the PPC's modem GeoPort. The Internet connection is then shared via a
control panel which allows turning the 7300 into a software router. There
is a different TCP-IP set up for the router and the two other routed
machines and it really works fine for http, ftp, pop, smtp, even FTP works
although i read that ftp and cu-seeme protocols use the UDP the same way,
CU-seeme still doesnt work (always that "no response from 194.47.345.2"). I
tried connecting to refs which i know are working (fenris, aioli etc)
Point to point connections also dont work when connecting to the outside
(inside point to point works very fine, thanks)

i read the Mark Sattler's online documentation about cusm behind a proxy
but my SAGEM control panel doesnt allow that kind of set up. Activating or
deactivating the sharing is all you can do...
Do you think i should ask my provider to open the ports which are indicated
by Mark Sattler?

THX for your help in advance...

Olivier Heinry
ex-tv, Internet Broadcast Program
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