Catholic Monks' Chapel Live NEW REF

John Becker (
Fri, 12 Jun 1998 09:23:19 -0400

>Date: Tue, 09 Jun 1998 20:25:06 -0700
>From: Brother John Raymond <>
>Subject: Catholic Monks' Chapel Live NEW REF
>Message-ID: <>
>The Monks of Adoration ( would like to
>invite you to visit our ref on Worcester Polytech Reflector. Live video
>from our chapel is up all day along with live audio (for those with
>Cu-SeeMe 2.1 or higher). Chat with a monk or just meet other people who
>are interested in religion. You can find us at: and set
>your conference ID to 7777. We look forward to seeing you :-)

Brother John,

Having spotted this recent posting to the Cornell CU-SEEME-L list, I
attempted to connect to the reflector, mostly out of curiosity; after all,
a religious reflector is almost exactly at the opposite end of the current
fare of CU-SeeMe affairs.

Imagine my surprise when the MOTD screen announced that I had connected to
the "unrated -- but don't harass women" reflector "The Toy Box." There were
two users there, Toys and Liza.

Oops! I double checked my settings had connected to conference 777 instead
of 7777. Cute: the span of the spectrum is being achieved by two
conferences on a single reflector! But upon correcting this minor
oversight, there I was again, right back on The Toy Box. Toys empty seat
filled and he greeted me.

So, tell me: Is this a real religious reflector, or a scam to entice men of
the cloth out of their clothing? I believe several jurisdictions have
stringent laws against impersonating a religious reflector.

And why do you have an address at Plodigy instead of at Worcester Polytech
Reflector where the reflector is located? Are you some raddled nut trying
to harass honorable, protogenic pervert-reflectors?

Enquiring minds and all that gobbledygook...

Thank you, if I've gotten your attention.