Re: CUSEEME Requirements Question?

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Sat, 13 Jun 1998 05:50:56 -0400

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Date: Saturday, June 13, 1998 3:00 AM
Subject: CUSEEME Requirements Question?

>Hi! We have a client and they want to setup a video conferencing within
>their LAN.
>I told them that they can use CuSeeMe software and a reflector. My
>question is:
>1. What should be the requirement of their PC machines to achieve good
>video conferencing?

Probably anything coming out of new stock will work fine, and a large
percentage of the customer's old stock will also work. I recommend at least
a 166mhz Pentium MMX (or equivalent) with 64 megs. You sould have a
reasonably fast video card, but it doesn't have to be a screamer. CUSeeMe
is mainly hard on memory, then CPU. You don't need a 400mhz Pentium II with
AGP video to run this.

>2. What brand of video cam for pc should we proposed? (Is Connectix

Any PCI bus capture card, NO parallel cams. (My own prejudice!) I use the
U.S. Robotics Bigpicture. I've seen people get rather good results from the
Connectix Quickcam VC for USB, however you may find it's a challenge to get
USB to do anything at all.

>3. What type of machine should I used for the Reflector Software?

No idea on the host end.

>4. What should be the specifications of the machine for the Reflector
>5. What can you say about the performance of Cuseeme with a leased line
>speed of 128k?

How good is "good"? You should be seeing 5-10 frames/second with a setup
like this, possibly even more.

>6. What should be the appropriate leased line speed to achieve good
>video conferencing?

How good is good? If you want full-motion, you will need a broadband
connection. I recommend you try CUSeeMe for yourself to evaluate it before
you install it on a customer's machine.

>Thanks for the people who will be answering my post. Can you email me
>your answers so I
>can give good information to my client on or before June 17? I'll be
>waiting. Bye.

I hope it helps a bit. CUSeeMe is fun, and it's useful. However, it will
not give you full-screen, full-motion videoconferencing. Therefore, it's
good for corresponding with associates, but I'd say it falls a tad short for
a board meeting.