Re: Catholic Monks' Chapel Live NEW REF
Sat, 13 Jun 1998 08:07:07 -0700

Check out their web page, it looks authentic. If anyone is getting
naked there, they aren't doing it when I am around. Instead all they are
doing is spending time on interesting, non-trivial chat. Who would have
expected that? :-) The operator is also very considerate about switching
from color to b/w and back depending on what version the visitors are using.
Considering the recent history of this list, I also think I should
mention that I got the humor in your post - hahaha.


>>The Monks of Adoration ( would like to
>>invite you to visit our ref on Worcester Polytech Reflector.
>Brother John,

>So, tell me: Is this a real religious reflector, or a scam to entice men of
>the cloth out of their clothing? I believe several jurisdictions have
>stringent laws against impersonating a religious reflector.
>And why do you have an address at Plodigy instead of at Worcester Polytech
>Reflector where the reflector is located? Are you some raddled nut trying
>to harass honorable, protogenic pervert-reflectors?
>Enquiring minds and all that gobbledygook...
>Thank you, if I've gotten your attention.