[CORRECTION AND CLARIFICATION]: Re: Looking for solutions-

Mark Andrew Nassy (nassy@flash.net)
Sun, 14 Jun 1998 22:58:11 -0400

the following is an excerpt from the following web page:
< http://www.terran-int.com/CodecCentral/Architectures/QuickTime.html > re:
quicktime that clarifies and corrects some information i posted to the list
earlier this month:

MPEG-1: Included in QuickTime 3 for Mac (no Windows version yet).

Indeo Video Interactive 4: Included in QuickTime 3 for Windows (no Mac
version yet).

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> At 5:22 AM -0500 on 6/2/98, Jason Williams wrote:

> > How so? Perhaps I missed something, but a lot of the QT3 codecs on the
> > Mac aren't included in the PC version of QT3. This means "QuickTime 3.0

> as far as i am aware qt 3 for the macintosh ppc and ms windows 95/nt should
> include the same file formats [ i cant remember specifically where i read
> this but some1 please correct me if i am wrong ]. was there a specific file
> format(s) that you may have had in mind that is missing from the ms windows
> 95/nt version of qt 3 and is present in the macintosh ppc version of qt 3.

> http://www.apple.com/quicktime/news/pdffiles/qt3_fs.pdf

> quicktime specifications on page 6 includes a list of the supported formats.

> > from my readings on the usenet macintosh groups i understand that intel may
> > not interested in updating the indeo codec for the mac os from its present
> > version of thus it appears that the current
> > versions 4.x and 5 and future versions will never b available for the
> > macintosh. :-(

> according to the following document on apples quicktime web site:
> http://www.apple.com/quicktime/news/pdffiles/qt3_fs.pdf

> on page 6 (quicktime specifications) intel indeo 4.4 is a supported video
> format.

Mark Andrew Nassy,