Re: CUSEEME Requirements Question?

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Mon, 15 Jun 1998 00:29:30 -0400

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Date: Sunday, June 14, 1998 7:53 PM
Subject: Re: CUSEEME Requirements Question?

>>Probably anything coming out of new stock will work fine, and a large
>>percentage of the customer's old stock will also work. I recommend at
>>a 166mhz Pentium MMX (or equivalent) with 64 megs. You sould have a
>>reasonably fast video card, but it doesn't have to be a screamer. CUSeeMe
>>is mainly hard on memory, then CPU. You don't need a 400mhz Pentium II
>>AGP video to run this.
>But, if you DO have a 333Mhz Pent II on a LAN, with H.263 video you can get
>18 frames per second on CU 3.1. Tried it. Works. Set to LAN/T1 rates.

Running across a LAN, I can see this. It would flat-out rock, but it would
need a faster processor than a modem or ISDN BRI connection.