Yatie Mohd Noor (
Mon, 15 Jun 1998 20:28:52 PDT

I am getting confused reading the e-mail from others subscribers. I have
install the CU-SeeMe ver 0.92b2 for Windows (downloaded from the How do they get the ver 1.0? Is it from the wpine
website (evaluation software)?Can I test this 0.92b2 on Window NT.

I've tested CU-Seeme on Pentium II and Pentium Pro.However, there were
some complications especially in audio matter. In order to receive audio
in Pentium Pro, I have to press the "push to talk". If not, I can only
hear "motorboat" kind of sound. This incident did not occur when I used
Pentium II as the platform.Why?

Pls suggest.
Best regards.

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