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Andrew Clarke wrote:

> > Can someone explain what the deal about 1.0 is? Has it been
pulled from
> > distribution?
> Ahh, now there's a can of worms.. :)
> ...snip...

A rough synopsis...perhaps a bit colored # ;? )
Keep in mind that Cornell is an educational institution, not
merely an outlet for
products. One could imagine the conditions might exist at
Cornell: 1. Martyne is
very busy with projects besides CU Seeme. 2. She might be on
vacation. 3. She may
be withholding any information until legal matters are settled 4.
She might be
teaching right now. 5. She may feel that it is best to put the
matter on hold
until her staffing situation is settled.
Martyne, what's up? I have redistributed your introduction, if
you don't mind.
My Best,

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