Re: Why White Pine connects slower than Cornell?

Andrew Clarke (
Tue, 16 Jun 1998 19:05:17 BST

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David Toole <>

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> Can anyone tell me why Cornell 1.0 is able to connect, or to tell me a
> ref is full, much faster than White Pine 3.1? Cornell, with the quick
> connect enabled, is very fast. With White Pine I often have to wait
> 10-20 seconds before being told I can't log on to a ref because it is
> full, or to make a connection. Is this just the nature of the beast, or
> am I missing some White Pine setting that I should be changing?

The pause in connection on the White Pine versions and the Cornell version
with 'Quick Connect' disabled is due to CU trying to get the conference list
from the reflector. Go to a White Pine reflector and disable quick connect, a
window may appear listing the available conferences for you to choose from.
With quick connect enabled it doesn't attempt to do this, and will simply try
the conference you had selected on the phone book entry for that reflector.
Big delays can be caused by the reflector being behind a firewall, or lousy
TCP routing between you and the reflector.

Personally I leave quick connect enabled, as it's very good for getting onto a
busy reflector, just lean on the enter key and it can attempt 2-3 connections
a second.

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