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Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr. (
Thu, 18 Jun 1998 00:19:26 -0500

Steve Edgar wrote:

> I'm Steve Edgar, the author of the .90, .92 and 1.0 Windows versions from
> Cornell. About a month ago, I left Cornell for a new job, but have been
> keeping an eye on the list. There have been a lot of questions about the
> circumstances surrounding version 1.0. Here are the answers to some of
> those questions.
> *) Is Cornell allowed to put color in its release?
> Yes. There is nothing in the contract between White Pine and Cornell that
> prohibits color. I had this point checked very carefully before I
> attempted to put in the color feature.
> *) Is Cornell required to consult White Pine about releases?
> No. Cornell can make releases of CU-SeeMe without consultation.
> *) Why was the 1.0 release suddenly stopped?
> Cornell stopped the release; at White Pine's request. For a variety of
> reasons, White Pine wasn't sure they wanted 1.0 to be released, and asked
> Cornell to stop the release, pending further discussions. Cornell agreed.
> After the departure of the CU-SeeMe development team, there remained little
> advocacy for the CU-SeeMe project at Cornell. And so, much delay ensued
> until the two parties decided what to do. Had the CU-SeeMe development
> team stayed at Cornell, the release would have taken place as scheduled.
> *) What's the story with the "test" versions of 1.0 that are out there?
> The rug was pulled out from under the 1.0 release only 2 days before its
> scheduled announcement. My testers (who were all super) were using daily
> builds for months. The last of these builds, going by .96a17 and 1.0, are
> essentially the release build. These are not "partial builds",
> "half-baked", or "alphas for debugging only". I will not say they are
> completely bug free :), but they work well, and they are the real deal.
> *) Can those versions be redistributed?
> Yes. Those versions are legal to use and redistribute. Any Cornell
> CU-SeeMe version given out, "test" or the otherwise, is freeware, and comes
> with a copywrite that says so. Cornell has always had this freeware policy
> with all its test and release versions of CU-SeeMe.
> *) Will the 1.0 release be canceled or feature stripped? When will a
> decision be announced?
> I'm told that a decision was made about a week ago, and that it is up to
> Cornell to announce it. I have encouraged Cornell not to delay the
> announcement.
> Hope this helps.
> -- Steve.

Thank you Steve, for your sorely needed input. I hope this will put the list
at ease. I am sorry to hear that WP was the wet blanket on this, but not
surprised. V.1 is a fine capstone for your team's efforts. I hope it becomes
freely distributed soon, if for no other reason but to finalize the work done
there at Cornell. After all, WhitePine would not have a product at all if it
weren't for the CU team's pioneering studies. Again, my best wishes for your
and the rest of the team's futures.
This also seems to explain Martyne's silence. It's a little like Christmas, and
we are the spoiled brats! # ; ^)
One more question: will the final release use it own color codecs or will it
use third party?

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