Martyne, Cornell, The Great Conspiracy...

Kevin Feeney (
Fri, 19 Jun 1998 15:37:37 -0400

Hi to everyone,

I'm new to the list, and just started reading through it and was amazed at
some of what I read. I thought I'd drop some facts in here. BTW, I work for
Martyne at Cornell in the new group we are forming and have been on the NCS
engineering staff for 6 years. I was not part of the ATP or CU-SeeMe
development team but know them, and miss them. I'm a fan of CU-SeeMe, but
haven't been as involved as many of you have obviously been.

>> One could imagine the conditions might exist at Cornell: 1. Martyne is
>> very busy with projects besides CU Seeme.
>I'm not so sure of that. I always thought Martyne was associated with the
>whole group that vanished from Cornell. Perhaps I'm wrong and she's
>outside of the team itself.


Martyne is a new Assistant Director in the process of forming up a group to
help start up new services at Cornell - Technology and Service Evaluation
and Development = aka TSED. She was not part of the Advanced Development
Team that left, but did have some administrative duties related to
CU-SeeMe, hence her presence on the list and her involvement with CU-SeeMe
releases. Tying up the loose ends of the CU-SeeMe development fell to her
because the ATP team left, and she was the remaining person on campus who'd
had some responsibility for it. But it's not her main job, never has been.
It's an added duty piled on top of an already tall, and high priority,

I can vouch for the fact that she's *extremely* busy with all the details
of setting up a new group within the university. She's constantly out of
the office in meetings in other buildings hammering out details like
staffing, budgets, projects for our new group. When she is in the office,
*I* get first crack at her time - since I'm in her face. Email lists are
far down in the ranking of things that are high priority. We're a thinly
staffed operation, with a couple of major projects to accomplish. I know
CU-SeeMe is near and dear to everyone on the list, after all, we wouldn't
be here if it wasn't, but Martyne's main job has nothing to do with this
stuff, and it's using up all of her time.

>A Quick finger helps:
>Name: Martyne Hallgren Nickname: martyne
>Send Email To:
Project: Technology and Service Evaluation and Development
>Of course, people can edit their own project file, so that may not be
>completely accurate.

I'm sure she edited it (who else would?) , and it is accurate.

>> 2. She might be on vacation.
>So it's a Cornell IP address that she's been logged onto presumably for 16
>hours and 24 minutes.

But the fact that one of your workstations is logged on doesn't mean you're
sitting in front of it, or have time to read mail lists...

>> 3. She may be withholding any information until legal matters are
>> settled
>That's possible..but a quick message to the list saying this would be

You're assuming she's reading the list. I think she checks in about once
every 3-4 days at most.
AFAIK, there's no dark sinister legal wranglings going on. WP and CU are
trying to figure out how to get bugfixes done on the final versions, come
up with a support policy (or not), and then have a clean final release.

>> 4. She might be teaching right now.
>I wasn't under the impression that she taught any classes, but who knows.
>All the profs I've met have to deal with email on a daily basis.

She's not an instructor or prof. AD is a full time job already.

>> 5. She may feel that it is best to put the matter on hold until her
>> staffing situation is settled.

Another Bingo! The sooner she gets more staff in here, the calmer my life
becomes - so if it's a choice between letting her do email, or getting me
some help, which do you think I push for! :-)

>That's one of the things that needs clearing up. Is there a "new
>development team" coming in?

Nope. TSED is not a technology development group. We don't invent wheels
like ATP did. We find good 'wheels' or tools from elsewhere and try to
apply them to Cornell's needs. We're not a replacement for ATP, we're a
different group with a different mission who happens to be housed in the
same building that ATP was.

I like a good conspiracy as much as the next person - but as far as I can
tell there's no great conspiracy of silence here. The folks who did the
work on CU-SeeMe are gone, good luck in their new life, we miss them.
Martyne and WP are working on some orderly transition and clean up. AFAIK
there will be releases of the Cornell code soon - but 'soon' to someone who
lives on the list, and 'soon' to someone who has a dozen realtime fires to
put out in creating a new organization may not be the same thing. If there
is a silence from Martyne, it reflects that fact that she's waaay busy with
other stuff and doesn't get on the list hardly at all.

I'll pass the word that the natives are restless and that rampant
speculation abounds. Expect answers, or at least info sometime soonish, but
try to have some patience. Ok?

Please don't bombard me with CU-SeeMe questions, it's not my job either. I
like it, I use it, I'm a proponent of it and other video technologies. I'm
not an expert on either the cornell or WP version, don't write code, not a
tester, nor a legal beagle. Just thought I'd inject some facts into the
spiraling flow of rumor and speculation.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled flamefest...


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