Re: Martyne, Cornell, The Great Conspiracy...

Jason Williams (
Sat, 20 Jun 1998 10:26:34 -0500 (CDT)

On Fri, 19 Jun 1998, Kevin Feeney wrote:
> Martyne is a new Assistant Director in the process of forming up a group to
> help start up new services at Cornell - Technology and Service Evaluation
> and Development = aka TSED. She was not part of the Advanced Development
> Team that left, but did have some administrative duties related to
> CU-SeeMe, hence her presence on the list and her involvement with CU-SeeMe
> releases.

Thanks for all the clarifications. It helps out a lot. I was under the
presumption that the "new Team" that was being brought in was being
brought in to clean up the bugs with the Cornell version and provide new
Cornell versions. It seems that CU-SeeMe from Cornell is officially dead
after this release gets out.

> We're a thinly staffed operation, with a couple of major projects to
> accomplish.

Any word on what those projects are or will be? I've been interested in
what the ATP group was doing (Cells in Frames, CU, Telephony) and enjoyed
cruising the web pages to find out more.

>From what it sounds like, it's not a development team that writes software
but more of a team to integrate existing software into something the
University can use.

> AFAIK, there's no dark sinister legal wranglings going on. WP and CU are
> trying to figure out how to get bugfixes done on the final versions, come
> up with a support policy (or not), and then have a clean final release.

I never knew Cornell had the responsibility of creating of support policy
for it's version of CU-SeeMe. Although, if Cornell keeps CU-SeeMe going,
it would need minimal support for people who want to purchase licenses.
I'd still like to perhaps obtain the source code to browse thru on my own.

> Nope. TSED is not a technology development group. We don't invent wheels
> like ATP did. We find good 'wheels' or tools from elsewhere and try to
> apply them to Cornell's needs. We're not a replacement for ATP, we're a
> different group with a different mission who happens to be housed in the
> same building that ATP was.

Sounds great...feel free to toss along a URL when information becomes
available on the new group. I'd like to check it out.

> I like a good conspiracy as much as the next person - but as far as I can
> tell there's no great conspiracy of silence here.

I can understand being busy with things. Me (and others) are mainly
concerned about White Pine hacking up the Cornell version to suit its
needs since it may end up being the ones to lose money over it. Cornell
has nothing to lose or gain since CU-SeeMe seems to be dead there. I do
wonder if Cornell is still using the ATM versions of CU-SeeMe (S-Phone
versions) and how it will handle the support for that. My guess is
there's much more support needed for that than there is for something like
the public releases.

> I'll pass the word that the natives are restless and that rampant
> speculation abounds. Expect answers, or at least info sometime soonish, but
> try to have some patience. Ok?

We can't change the past, but it still looks a bit peculiar. Martyne and
the development teams for CU knew of the work being done on CU-SeeMe for
the last 3 months or so. The development team's departure didn't happen
overnight. A lot of the issues that Martyne doesn't seem to have time for
are issues that have existed and been known about for quite awhile. I'm
still a bit fuzzy about the development team's departure. Was it just the
lack of funding from the NSF or was it something more? Since a new team
is being brought in, there's apparently funding coming from somewhere to
pay the staff (though a reduced staff but growing).

I can understand the funding being cut from specific projects, but the
lack of funding from one project doesn't prevent a development team from
moving onto another project that can get funding. But I don't even
pretend to know the happenings behind the scene and probably never will.

I thank the past development team for their efforts that seemed to have
sparked the videoconferencing industry into what it is today. And thank
you, Kevin, for clearing up a lot of the mysteries that have led to the
grand conspiracy of CU :)

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