Re: "Push to Talk" conflict

Jason Williams (
Sat, 20 Jun 1998 10:52:31 -0500 (CDT)

On Fri, 19 Jun 1998, Yatie Mohd Noor wrote:
> The "push to talk" button must be pressed in order to hear. Without
> doing so, I can only get the motorboat & machinegun sounds.

I've had someone else on my reflector complain about the same thing. I'd
like to get the problem narrowed down some. Which version of CU were you
using? Did it happen with both the Cornell and White Pine version or just
one of them? Can you do full-duplex audio? (the soundcard is setup on
dual DMA ports). Do other videoconferencing programs do the same thing
when attempting audio? If so, then it would be a soundcard problem
outside of the scope of CU-SeeMe. If not, then it'd be a problem with the
way CU-SeeMe is handling audio.

I know programs can open the two channels (send or receive audio)
seperately so they shouldn't be bound together unless it's possibly using
the same DMA port for both. You might also try changing the DMA port and
see if it was a faulty DMA port (A motherboard I got awhile back had a
faulty DMA port).

You might also try swapping sound cards in the same machine and see what
happens. You could also move the soundcard from the Pentium Pro system to
the Pentium II machine and see if it happens. If so, it's definitely a
soundcard/DMA problem. Move the sound card from the Pentium II to the
Pentium Pro and see if it fixes it.

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