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Jamie Erbes (
Mon, 22 Jun 1998 11:04:53 -0700

I saw the same as Andrew with my USB connected Kodak DVC 300. I could see local video just fine but would get "unsupported video" error messages. However I could use it through SoftCam ( The little softcam logo stays in the video window, which means its doing a realtime video format translation on the fly. So SoftCam is evidently translating what the Kodak sends and what CU expects.

I can get SoftCam to do the same for my ATI capture card IF, in the SoftCam options I select the ATI card as my default background and put some overlay on top of the live video (I use a heart). SoftCam doesn't seem to want to translate the ATI format on the fly when you just select the ATI as your live video source (without an overlay).

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The Cornell verison only supports limited number of video devices. Your
Kodak Camera may not be on the list. Check the cornell web site,
As added info, I was told that the only difference between White Pine's
version 2.1.1 and their 2.1.2 was the added code to support the Kodak
camera. In effect, 2.1.2 was a custom release for Kodak. If that is true,
then I bet that Cornell never supported it.

Craig Shelton
Andrew Wrote:

>I'm getting "Unsupported Video Capture Setting" with my Kodak DVC323 USB
>cam. I get the error in all versions of the cornell software. I tried
>every resolution and codec. I see my local video clearly in the window, but
>I am still a lurker.