Multiple Video Sources

oz (
Tue, 23 Jun 1998 19:27:43 +1000

Hi guyz...

I have been through many web pages and FAQs so I now am opting for the
easy way out and am asking here....

My Pentium using CuSee-Me, under W95, has two video sources....
I have a QuikCam connected via parallel port and an Movie Machine II
that is ISA card connected which I use occasionally to watch TV in a window.

Cu-See-Me only appears "aware" of the MMII card although I want to use the
QuikCam for videoconferencing.

The QuikCam software works fine on its own as far as QuikPicture/QuikMovie
stuff is concerned.

How/where/can I manage to tell White Pine's version that my video source is
the cam, not the MMII card?

Any help would be appreciated.

Regards, Oz