Capture card Vs parallel port

Chan Ka-sing (
Tue, 23 Jun 1998 21:55:12 +0800 (HKT)

Dear Members,

Hello, members. I'm a new member, also a new learner of the CU-SeeMe
technology. I am a teacher educator, who wants to promote the use of IT for
education. Before I can do so in this technology, I think I need some basic
understanding about CU-SeeMe. My first question is :
Which is better, according to your experience,
(1) A capture card plus a video output device, or
(2) A video output device without a capture card, such as Connecticus. Plug
at the parallel port.

Some friends told me that teh first option may lead to conflict between the
display card and capture card.

Can any members share your preference and experience ? I wonder which option
is teh most favourite. I hope members can show their preferences, so that
all other members know the general pattern of choice.


KS Chan CBiol MIBiol Areas of interest: Curriculum development
World Wide Web and science education
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