Re: Reflector v2.1 probls

Alan Jarvi (
23 Jun 1998 15:02:49 -0400

Looks to me like it is a trial version and it is past the trial


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Subject: Reflector v2.1 probls
Author: at EXTERNAL
Date: 6/23/1998 2:10 PM

Hello all,

I'm having some probls on running the Reflector v2.1
from White Pine Software. After install it, i get this output
when i try to run it:

------------------- Begin output --------------------

[jmendes@serv WhitePine]$ wpreflect
Using configuration file:

Copyright (C) 1996, White Pine Software
See README for notices, permissions and restrictions
Users: 25. Licensed to: jmendes at RCCN
Serial Number: $$$$-$$$$-$$$$-$$$$
Past drop dead date!
[jmendes@serv WhitePine]$

------------------- End output --------------------

I would appreciate any sugestions.
Thanks in advance!


Joao Mendes

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