Re: Help, I'm new here, and i can't get connected....

Jeeves (
Tue, 23 Jun 1998 16:10:25 -0500 (CDT)

At 05:01 PM 11/5/98 +0100, Bas Janssen wrote:
>Hi all, i just downed cu-seeme 0.92 for win95. I got a phonebook file
>manny adresses... but i can't get a connection working.
>I have a p75, 32Mb ram, and a cable modem. I share this modem with
>housemates trough a mac server (viacom gateway, wich has no firewall).
>Can anybody help me, i would really like to emerge in the world called
>Bastiaan janssen,

I believe the viacom can do both IP routing with STATIC ip numbers and NAT
(Network Address Translation). Using NAT, your entire LAN is assigned ONE
ip, which all the local computers/hosts use. Unfortunately, CU-SeeMe is
not compatible with NAT because outgoing packets have the local host ip
number embedded within the packet. The router (Viacom in your case) ONLY
replaces the IP number in the packet header, NOT the embedded IP number
that CU-SeeMe placed within the packet.

If you are using NAT or Proxy, the only way to use CU-SeeMe is for the
vendor to release a patch that recognizes specific CU-SeeMe packets, thus
replacing the embedded ip number, OR get static ip numbers.