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On 6/23/98, at 7:49 PM, Jason Williams wrote:

>On Tue, 23 Jun 1998, Jamie Erbes wrote:
>> I prefer the quality (resolution and speed) of a capture card with an
>> analog camera. As an educator, you may want to transmit recorded media
>> (VCR tape) as well as live camera - a capture card would allow you this
>> choice.

>On 6/23/98, at 7:49 PM, Jason Williams wrote:
>What type of capture card do you recommend? :)
>I'm in love with the Winnov...The drivers are top notch and allow you to
>do things that other cards can't (not from what I've seen).

I love the Winnov as well. I have one PCI version and the PCMCIA traveller. My traveller seems to consume about 50% CPU resources on a P233 laptop. I haven't learned why yet though. Winnov has done a wonderful job with implementation of their product. They took a radical design approach that began with a software engineering perspective (and requirements) rather than hardware engineering perspective. The resulting hardware interface allows much more creative software to be written. Ever work with their SDK?

>> If you get a QuickCam, get the newest ones, not the cheapo B&W or
>> firesale variety. There is a definite difference in quality and driver
>> performance.
>I don't buy this. The "cheap B&W or firesale" quickcams are often the
>best cause you can buy a lot more of them. <-snip->
>There's a definitely quality different between the Color Quickcam 2 and
>the Quickcam VC. The Quickcam 2 seems to be much better in terms of

I was referring to the Color Quickcam 2. They also have some beautiful cams getting ready for market (I don't know when they'll come out but I saw one in the lab and it looked great.) The older B&W's and their drivers were resource intensive and poorer resolution (I had a couple). I must admit that I made an assumption that all the fire sales ($49) I've seen were an attempt to clear out the channels of this product and I don't really know how "old" these cams are.

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