hopefully a good answer to Re: Cornell CUSeeMe Version 1.0

Bill Woodland (wcw@bga.com)
Tue, 23 Jun 1998 20:49:39 -0500

At 08:17 PM 6/23/98 -0400, Wayne Fisher wrote:
>I downloaded the Cornell 1.0 release, and I have to admit the color does
>look nice and it is a nice small package.... I still prefer White Pine's
>Interface and contact cards (yeah, call me crazy), but, I have to admit the
>folks at Cornell did a very nice job with this release.
>I do have one small problem, though... has anyone else experienced a
>CUSeeMe lockup when a reflector IP address cannot be reached? The phone
>book remains displayed, and if I do the old 3 finger salute
>(control-alt-delete), I get the Phonebook listed in the taskbar with a "not
>responding" message. If I click the end task button, CUSeeMe closes, but
>my quick cam is locked and I have to reboot my system if I want to use the
>Very strange...
>But, all in all, I have to admit the 1.0 release is a nice package, even if
>I do like White Pine just a little better (to each his own)... Congrats to
>the folks at Cornell :)
>- Wayne

Well, I HAD a standard answer for this, but I just did a special test and
learned something new. My standard answer had been:

"If you go to View/Preferences/General and turn on QuickConnect, this won't
happen. With quickconnect off, CU is trying to get the list of conferences
from the reflector, and if it's not a WP2.x or WP3.x reflector, then it
just hangs there for possibly up to 60 seconds. If you look at the
Disconnect button on the toolbar (the second one) you'll see it's greyed
out. Once CU gives up on getting the conference info, it enables this
button, and you can then click on it to cancel the connection, or let it go
ahead and connect."

I just tried to connect to a reflector that is at my office, and I happen
to know that our router is down. The program hung up on me big time. I
tried WS_Ping32 and got this:

PING ( 50 data bytes
timed out
network unreachable from time=269 ms
[debug] 11002 00 00 00 00

So, in some cases, you definitely can get hung up, but this hopefully won't
happen very often. My standard answer is still very helpful, especially
when dealing with the older Cornell reflectors, which don't support
multiple conferences. Also, with QuickConnect turned on, attemping to get
into a busy reflector is easier. Double click on the reflector entry in
the phonebook, and if you get "The B-Street is full. Too much partyin' &
tequila!" message, just hold down the ENTER key to do the OK on the
message, and then the CONNECT in the phonebook until you finally get

Steve Edgar and I talked about this particular problem back in late April,
and he said he knew what to do to make this work better. Unfortunately,
this "mo betta TCP" and YVU9 support were the next things on Steve's list
when the ATP team leaft Cornell. I think he would be happy to fix this
problem, and add in the YVU9 support if Martyne asked him to do so.

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