Capture Cards

david morel (
Wed, 24 Jun 1998 01:28:08 -0400

Hiya Gang,
Just wanted to put my two cents in regarding capture cards.
I have been using an ATI All-in-Wonder (4 meg on board) for almost two
years now. Bought it at one of those traveling shows for a good price.
In the last two weeks I have installed three different capture boards for
one of the Animators of the project I am working on, a matrox millenium/
rainbow runner-
A bear to install under NT
a Targa 2000-
Not available for 95/98
and the newest ATI All-in-Wonder
(this one 8 megs on board and about 1/2 or less the cost of either of the othercards.) Sadly it is not "supported" under NT either. Some drivers
were available from ati, but capture was not supported in NT :( Regardless
of all the cards we tried the best performing has been the all in wonder.
Two of my refmons also use ATI cards, one is also an All-In-Wonder, and agree the ease of use coupled with features and price make this card a winner. Man, I hope I get some sort of kickback for this!
Again, it is just my two cents, but I think the cornell client and Brian's ref illustrate very nicely that price is not always the most decisive factor. (ppplease white pine give me a monitor conf. for meeting point).

david morel
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