Re: Capture card Vs parallel port

Phil (
Wed, 24 Jun 1998 05:19:19 -0400

>What type of capture card do you recommend? :)
>I'm in love with the Winnov...The drivers are top notch and allow you to
>do things that other cards can't (not from what I've seen).
>Some educators that I've helped preferred the Quickcam for ease of use.
>It's very easy to move from one computer to the next which may be required
>in an educational requirement.
>> I don't like the parallel port device as there may be port conflicts
>> (printer, scanner, etc). If you can afford to dedicate your parallel
>> port to the camera, this might be OK for you.
>That's generally what I recommend..a dedicated parallel port. It works
>out great.

I did this for a while, and it worked great when it worked. When it didn't
work, it was generally because the Connectix driver was looking at the wrong
port. I don't know what would cause it to decide to check the other port,
possibly this happens when the cam doesn't respond on the first try.
Generally, after this happens a couple times, you need to re-install the
Connectix drivers.

I've had no problems at all with my cam and less problems with Windows since
I took the parallel cam off and went with the USR Bigpicture. USR
Bigpicture is a Philips eyeball cam supplied with a BT848 frame grabber card
which has a power jack for the cam. The software used is Hauppage WinTV's
video driver. This setup is also sold by Packard Bell and probably a dozen
other companies. The price is competitive with the Color Quickcam II.

>> If you get a QuickCam, get the newest ones, not the cheapo B&W or
>> firesale variety. There is a definite difference in quality and driver
>> performance.

Actually, I rather liked the mono Quickcam, but they're going out of style.
What do you think of the parallel Quickcam VC? It's sure cheap enough, and
claims to be faster than the Quickcam II.

>I don't buy this. The "cheap B&W or firesale" quickcams are often the
>best cause you can buy a lot more of them. The "newest" Quickcam that you
>seem to recommend is the Quickcam VC which has a ton of problems from what
>I've heard. The B&W Quickcams with the latest drivers works great. The
>Color Quickcam 2 is also fairly good. I've just always had a problem with
>the Color Quickcam output. The Gamma Correctness is always way off with
>them. I've told a few people how easy it is to spot people with color
>quickcams. Just look for the bluish whites and reddish yellows. The blue
>and red tint to everything still annoys me.

I can always spot a color Quickcam. Besides the occasional red and green
specks that crop up under low light, the cam tends to noise up sometimes.
This causes a "flash" or "flicker" in the vid.

>There's a definitely quality different between the Color Quickcam 2 and
>the Quickcam VC. The Quickcam 2 seems to be much better in terms of

Does this include the parallel version, or just USB?