Re: Cornell CUSeeMe Version 1.0 Locks Up

Phil (
Wed, 24 Jun 1998 05:23:46 -0400

>I downloaded the Cornell 1.0 release, and I have to admit the color does
>look nice and it is a nice small package.... I still prefer White Pine's
>Interface and contact cards (yeah, call me crazy), but, I have to admit the
>folks at Cornell did a very nice job with this release.

Actually, I'd prefer if they had something simpler than "Download contact
card", possibly "copy IP". The only real hassle with the contact cards is
you have to enter the same data twice (Reflector name), which makes it a
hassle when you want to copy/paste a contact card to make a new one. (This
HOPEFULLY saves custom settings.)

>I do have one small problem, though... has anyone else experienced a
>CUSeeMe lockup when a reflector IP address cannot be reached? The phone
>book remains displayed, and if I do the old 3 finger salute
>(control-alt-delete), I get the Phonebook listed in the taskbar with a "not
>responding" message. If I click the end task button, CUSeeMe closes, but
>my quick cam is locked and I have to reboot my system if I want to use the

It's not really locked up. It's waiting for the reflector. Unfortunately,
it acts like it's locked up. If you wait a really long time, it will begin
working again. Go take a bathroom break, fix a cup of coffee, or do
whatever you do when you take a break. You'll probably find that it's

"Quick Connect" fixes this, but at a cost. You'll get a faster connection,
but you won't get the conference menu any more.