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Wed, 24 Jun 1998 05:31:08 -0400

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Date: Wednesday, June 24, 1998 1:46 AM
Subject: Capture Cards

>Hiya Gang,
>Just wanted to put my two cents in regarding capture cards.
>I have been using an ATI All-in-Wonder (4 meg on board) for almost two
>years now. Bought it at one of those traveling shows for a good price.
>In the last two weeks I have installed three different capture boards for
>one of the Animators of the project I am working on, a matrox millenium/
>rainbow runner-
>A bear to install under NT
>a Targa 2000-
>Not available for 95/98
>and the newest ATI All-in-Wonder
>(this one 8 megs on board and about 1/2 or less the cost of either of the
othercards.) Sadly it is not "supported" under NT either. Some drivers
>were available from ati, but capture was not supported in NT :( Regardless
>of all the cards we tried the best performing has been the all in wonder.
>Two of my refmons also use ATI cards, one is also an All-In-Wonder, and
agree the ease of use coupled with features and price make this card a
winner. Man, I hope I get some sort of kickback for this!
>Again, it is just my two cents, but I think the cornell client and Brian's
ref illustrate very nicely that price is not always the most decisive
factor. (ppplease white pine give me a monitor conf. for meeting point).

I've seen people post about the All-In-Wonder before, and a number of them
weren't able to get it to work with CUSeeMe in color. Were you able to get
the Cornell client to send color with this card? If so, what video format
were you running?

This is one card I'd considered for my next build, but since people have
been saying it won't do color I've been cautious.