Re: Capture card Vs parallel port

Jason Williams (
Wed, 24 Jun 1998 13:42:20 -0500 (CDT)

On Tue, 23 Jun 1998, Jamie Erbes wrote:
> I love the Winnov as well. I have one PCI version and the PCMCIA
> traveller. My traveller seems to consume about 50% CPU resources on a
> P233 laptop. I haven't learned why yet though.

Odd..I've never used the PCMCIA version..just the Videum AV and VO. Both
are great products.

> The resulting hardware interface allows much more creative software to
> be written.

I agree..It's definitely one of the better capture cards out there. I
haven't been as impressed with my STB TV/PCI card.

> Ever work with their SDK?

Nope..I haven't gotten much into Windows of those things
I've always wanted to do..but lacked time.

> I was referring to the Color Quickcam 2. They also have some beautiful
> cams getting ready for market (I don't know when they'll come out but I
> saw one in the lab and it looked great.)

Let's hope they're a step up from the VC...Cheap parts keep the price down
at the expense of compatibility.

> The older B&W's and their drivers were resource intensive and poorer
> resolution (I had a couple).

ANY parallel port camera is resource intensive..that's the nature of the
beast. But if you want ease of use and portability, it's still the way to
go. I got my first Mac Quickcam back in 1995 and didn't have a dedicated
machine for it. I needed the portability aspect of it. (Also freaked a
lot of people out when I'd whip out a camera and put it on top of a camera
in a public lab on campus).

> I must admit that I made an assumption that all the fire sales ($49)
> I've seen were an attempt to clear out the channels of this product and
> I don't really know how "old" these cams are.

I'm a firm believer that... "no matter how old it is..if it does the job
and does it moderately well, it's still quite useful". For the people who
can barely afford anything, the Quickcams are still an easy alternative to
get into videoconferencing. The more money you have, the nicer equipment
you can get which does the job better.

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