Re: hopefully a good answer to Re: Cornell CUSeeMe Version 1.0 Locks Up

Jason Williams (
Wed, 24 Jun 1998 13:51:23 -0500 (CDT)

On Tue, 23 Jun 1998, Bill Woodland wrote:
> "If you go to View/Preferences/General and turn on QuickConnect, this won't
> happen. With quickconnect off, CU is trying to get the list of conferences
> from the reflector, and if it's not a WP2.x or WP3.x reflector, then it
> just hangs there for possibly up to 60 seconds.

This is also a big problem with DCs and connecting to IPs that aren't
reflectors at all.

> I just tried to connect to a reflector that is at my office, and I happen
> to know that our router is down. The program hung up on me big time.

My guess is it's the same kind of problem..using blocking calls to
connect(), etc. which will hang till a response comes back instead of the
asynchronous nonblocking calls. But that's just a guess. It also seems
to block when you type in a alphanumerical IP that doesn't exist (DNS

> So, in some cases, you definitely can get hung up, but this hopefully won't
> happen very often. My standard answer is still very helpful, especially
> when dealing with the older Cornell reflectors, which don't support
> multiple conferences.

It also solves about 90% of the people's complaints about the connect time
being slow.

> Also, with QuickConnect turned on, attemping to get into a busy
> reflector is easier.

Holding down the ENTER key works..but a more elegant solution is CUnnect98
( With QuickConnect turned on, this
program flies. It can attempt connects about 2-3 times a second and you
don't have to wear out your fingers holding down the ENTER key. :)

> Unfortunately, this "mo betta TCP" and YVU9 support were the next things
> on Steve's list when the ATP team leaft Cornell.

Aren't deadlines wonderful? :)

> I think he would be happy to fix this problem, and add in the YVU9
> support if Martyne asked him to do so.

I'm positive that he'd be happy to fix it...just up to Martyne I suppose.
Looks like Martyne is still absent though.

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