Re: URL's please

Jason Williams (
Wed, 24 Jun 1998 14:33:55 -0500 (CDT)

On Wed, 24 Jun 1998, Joe Izen wrote:
> Would anyone have a URL for the Mac 1.0 release or beta thereof? If not
> available via http or ftp, I'd appreciate it if someone who has it could
> mail me a copy. I don't see any Mac 1.0 version at the Cornell site.

There's also not a PC 1.0 version at the Cornell site... (awaiting action
from Martyne).
About all I know for the Mac 1.0 version is that it's in the works...I've
seen a couple of people with the Cornell 0.97a11 version, but I've heard
it's very buggy (lots of crashes, etc). It's not really fitr for public
distribution. As far as its future, I'm not sure. Perhaps Martyne has
something up her sleeve concerning the Mac version as well.

> I've heard mention of a WP CU-SeeMe lite on this list. Is there a Mac
> version? If so, I'd appreciate a pointer to a URL. A cursory inspection
> of the WP site failed to turn it up.

Again, there's no public WP PC "Lite" version either...I just saw a couple
of people on WP's Cafe using it which sparked my interest. I have no idea
about a Mac Lite version though. My guess is wait till the Mac Cornell
1.0 is released then a "Lite" version from WP may appear.

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