Re: anybody tried this?

Danny Morris (
Wed, 24 Jun 1998 23:58:30 -0400

Far be it for me to say anything to contradict Jason, but from my
understanding, it has alot to do with the max trans. rate that your IP
handles. MaxMTU lets you change and test different packet (it is made for
ppl that dont understand all of this stuff, like me :-) sizes and shows
weather or not they where fragmented when you ping a server. The standard is
MTU=576, here anyway, when I tried higher it would fragment the packets
which, correct me here Jason, could just slow down your transfer rate. I
downloaded a file today at 6.2 kbps, not bad for a dial up conn. As for the
cameras (CU), Im not sure this would help, but it seems like it would. Streak ?

>My guess is that it's used to tweak stuff like RWIN and MSS/MTU settings.
>It's kinda hazy as to if it does any good. I use the default Win95
>setttings of an MTU=1500 (the ethernet default) which works great. My
>understanding of MTU is that you want it to be as big as possible without
>the intermediate routers fragmenting the packets. Especially with
>something as bandwidth intensive as CU-SeeMe (or any videoconferencing
>program). Lowering it usually helps if you have other interactive
>TCP/IP applications running at the same time.
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