interesting phenomenon

Jerry Singleton (
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 15:27:26 -0500

Hi folks,

Need to know if any of you have seen the following strange behavior.

Running Brian Godette's Enhanced Reflector 1.07b9 for 95/NT on a 95 system
attached to a T3. We have configured the reflector to hold 4 refs.
Occasionally, when someone tries to connect to one of the conferences, they will
be told to lower thier send rate to under 20. The strange part is that they are
usually at 20 or below when they get this mesage.

Now, originally, I had setup the max send to 20. But after getting several
people stating that they were recieving that error. I upped the max to 56. It
appears to have stopped the error for most but a few are still getting the same
message and cannot connect.

Any suggestions?

Jerry Singleton

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