Re: Video or audio/video card

Phil (
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 23:05:48 -0400

>I recently ordered a Winov video pkg with a video card. In error they
>sent me the audio/video card. This cost an extra $100.00. My question
>is would their be an advantage in keeping the audio/video card. The
>camera is a Phillips if that makes a difference.
>Thank you, Joyce

This is a combo of a video digitizer and sound card? If they didn't bill
you the extra $100, by all means KEEP it.

Most of the cams bundled with these frame grabber cards are Philips. They
work great, albeit they need more light than a Quickcam. Just don't unscrew
the lens ALL the way when you're focusing up close, or it could fall off and
be rather difficult to reassemble...especially if you drop the lens. :)