Re: Video or audio/video card

Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr. (
Fri, 26 Jun 1998 01:24:33 -0500

Phil wrote:

> >I recently ordered a Winov video pkg with a video card. In error they
> >sent me the audio/video card. This cost an extra $100.00. My question
> >is would their be an advantage in keeping the audio/video card. The
> >camera is a Phillips if that makes a difference.
> >Thank you, Joyce
> This is a combo of a video digitizer and sound card? If they didn't bill
> you the extra $100, by all means KEEP it.
> Most of the cams bundled with these frame grabber cards are Philips. They
> work great, albeit they need more light than a Quickcam. Just don't unscrew
> the lens ALL the way when you're focusing up close, or it could fall off and
> be rather difficult to reassemble...especially if you drop the lens. :)

Is the card a useable sound card? You may encounter conflicts with your regular
sound card. If it has an audio output to the auxiliary input of your soundcard,
it seems as if the auxiliary input is getting to be passe on new cards, a
misfortune. You could use a jumper cable similar to the one used on CD ROMs to
get sound from one card to the other. Maybe you still can. This method does not
use up any comports or DMA's. This is how the sound on my Hauppage Video/TV card

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