Re: Video or audio/video card

Alan Jarvi (
26 Jun 1998 06:55:26 -0400

Well, I use a Winnov Videum Desktop (ISA) system at home and I think
its great. In NetMeeting and iVisit, I channel the audio out thru the
Winnov card to my headsets, eliminating echo for the far end user, and
I use the cameras built in microphone for NetMeeting and iViist audio
in. Also, the built in microphone seems to be very good, no
distortion, very sensitive...All in all, no complaints, no conflicts
with my system sound card, etc. In my opinion...keep it...


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Subject: Video or audio/video card
Author: at EXTERNAL
Date: 6/25/1998 4:01 PM

I recently ordered a Winov video pkg with a video card. In error they
sent me the audio/video card. This cost an extra $100.00. My question
is would their be an advantage in keeping the audio/video card. The
camera is a Phillips if that makes a difference.
Thank you, Joyce