H.263 (Was Re: Cornell CUSeeMe Version 1.0 Locks Up)

The Mad Scientist! (s.j.turner@uq.net.au)
Fri, 26 Jun 1998 21:16:24 +1000 (GMT+1000)

On Thu, 25 Jun 1998, Jason Williams wrote:

> On Thu, 25 Jun 1998, The Mad Scientist! wrote:
> > Except for H.263. My understanding is that it only sends the changes in
> > the frame, similar to the Cornell grayscale codec.
> I didn't know that...I do know that from talking with Brian Godette, H.263
> is much more susceptible to packet loss. If there's high packet loss, the
> frame rate plummets.

Yes, I've had that happen too while using H.263. I guess it really needs
to be used with RTP, as happens with H.323 systems.