Re: Cornell, White Pine, and conflict of interest issues

ike relucio (
Sat, 27 Jun 1998 21:30:30 +0800

I may be wrong but I thought the NSF grant has been terminated.

The way I see it, if White Pine pays Cornell license fees or whatever to
have the exclusive rights to distribute a commercial version of cuseeme then
shouldn't Cornell be obligated not to do anything that would jeopardize
White Pine's commercial interest ?

Besides, Cornell cuseeme is not a public domain software is it ? It is
freeware but it is not public domain (see for definitions)

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From: Si Ballenger <>
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Date: Saturday, June 27, 1998 07:00 PM
Subject: Cornell, White Pine, and conflict of interest issues

> The request to not release cuseeme V1.0 by white pine brings up some
>conflict of interest issue. White pine continues to "sell" their product to
>the public while somehow blocking the release of a "free, public domain"
>similiar product, it seems that there could be some potential legal
>violations going on. It would be interesting to review the terms of the NSF
>grant to cornell for cuseeme to see if they are currently being met. There
>are probably anti-trust issues also being challanged as long as cornell and
>white pine continue to block the release of a finished public domain
>product. The results of the blocking prevents the public from having a
>choise of a free cuseeme (built with govt. cheese) or having to pay white
>pine for a similar cuseeme.