Re: NSF/Cornell/Cu-seeme ?

Jason Williams (
Sun, 28 Jun 1998 19:37:43 -0500 (CDT)

On Sun, 28 Jun 1998 wrote:
> Due to the lack of dialog by Cornell,
> I wonder if this LIST will be maintained
> any longer than through the summer 98!

As I understand it, the Listmanager has changed hands. It used to be Tom
Parker who was a part of the Cornell development team. It's now Martyne I
believe. Whether or not Martyne decides to scrap the listserv is up to
her I believe. She holds the key to a lot of things and has been silent
about them due to other "priorities". She can determine the fate of the
entire listserv (though she can't control the archives of it at Indiana
State) as well as the entire web page and ftp site.
There's no one else that can officially lobby in favor of Cornell
releasing 1.0 since it all lies in the hands (no pun intended) of Martyne.
She's the sole contact at Cornell concerning CU-SeeMe's fate.

I already know at least one person that is ready to offer his listserv
services should this official listserv vanish. I also have a somewhat
private mirror of the ftp site and web page that I did for fun. So if the virtual server vanishes, the information is out
there. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

> If the 1.0 version is not released in the
> next few weeks, besides the thunder that will be
> heard by Neal Lane, Director of the NSF and the
> excuses from the directors of Cornell to come,
> this will make the on-going flame seem like a
> matchstick in a gunpowder factory.

I have it on good authority that funding for the project by the NSF is
still continuuing. I doubt there's much more can be done since the fate
is determined by one person and one person alone.

> The foresight of the previous development team to
> let loose and/or release 1.0 was an indicator of the
> inadequacy that Cornell would support future freeware
> Cu-seeme.

I don't believe so. It wasn't the previous development team's decision to
"let loose and/or release 1.0". I know people that would also complain to
White Pine about not releasing a Mac version of the reflector even though
Bill Ryan worked on it and had it working (from what I understand). But
it wasn't HIS decision to release it, it's White Pine's. The same with
Cornell's releases.

> CU-seeme is no longer freeware, realize it !.

Consider the fact, that, outside of the 1.0 version, CU-SeeMe hasn't been
actively developed since 1995 when the 0.84b7 PC version and 0.83b3 Mac
version came out. The only big "advances" to CU-SeeMe during that time
were made by White Pine, which hasn't been freeware.

Also consider the fact that there is no longer a development team at
Cornell for CU-SeeMe. So CU-SeeMe at Cornell is dead while the funding
for it is now moved on to something else.

> Voice your opinions and give those that can provide it,
> reason, to enforce, free research without unadultering it
> with commercial interests. You might even make a difference.

Research for CU-SeeMe at Cornell no longer exists...I don't consider it
being "adultered with commercial interests". Government funding may fund
the latest in technology, but there's nothing to prevent the commercial
industry from enhancing it for production use. Afterall, Cornell did
CHOOSE White Pine as the master licensee for a reason.

> Hoping this message is distributed before this list expires.

I doubt it will expire...but ya never know.

> ( bi! , was once the signoff at bell labs telnet sessions
> were Unix* was born, and to whom we all owe a great deal,
> since UNIX was free for many years, untill it was adulterated
> and now has an asterisk, due to commercial interests! )

A lot of Unices I know are still free.... FreeBSD, Linux, etc. I believe
Solaris has also released the source code to their operating system (or
they were).

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