Official News from Cornell

Martyne Hallgren (
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 11:30:38 -0400 (EDT)

Hello from Cornell!

Here's the *official* news from Cornell concerning CU-SeeMe(tm) - this is a
pre-announcement as we do not have a specific date for the actual release
as yet, but are working hard on it as we speak.

First my apologies for the delay in posting. I am extremely busy
as this is not the only project for which I'm responsible but one
of many.

We will be releasing an official new Cornell version for both MAC and PC
sometime soon. This is the code that was worked on by the former ATP
folks. The most frequently asked question about the new release concerns
color - yes, both versions will support color. We will be collecting bug
reports from the community and will be issuing bug fixes as we get them
done. The software will be made available via the Cornell FTP server and
web site, as per usual. The formal announcement will be issued over the
announce list, also as per usual, so keep your eyes peeled for it.

Contrary to a lot of the rumors on the list, there are no issues between
White Pine and Cornell. Quite the opposite actually. White Pine is
committed to the CU Community just as much as we are and is working to
ensure that it not only thrives, but grows as well. Cornell and White Pine
have been and are working together very closely during this transitory
period. Not true is the rumor of White Pine putting a wet blanket on the
1.0 release nor stifling it. There are technical issues with
version 1.0 that need to be addressed and we have been working together to
ensure compatibility etc, thus the delay.

I hope this helps clear things up! We're looking forward to the pending official
release and your feedback on it! We do listen to your concerns and issues
but unfortunately can't not respond to all of them.

Best ever,

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