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Wayne Fisher (
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 12:45:34 -0400


I for one applaud you in posting this information to the list....

To my fellow list-members: now that Martyne has put a lot of issues to rest, can we
please stop the White Pine bashing, and get on with our lives? As Martyne so
eloquently stated, there is no friction between the 2 companies and they are working
TOGETHER for the good of the CU community (as I have tried to state n-million

- Wayne

Martyne Hallgren wrote:

> Hello from Cornell!
> Here's the *official* news from Cornell concerning CU-SeeMe(tm) - this is a
> pre-announcement as we do not have a specific date for the actual release
> as yet, but are working hard on it as we speak.
> First my apologies for the delay in posting. I am extremely busy
> as this is not the only project for which I'm responsible but one
> of many.
> We will be releasing an official new Cornell version for both MAC and PC
> sometime soon. This is the code that was worked on by the former ATP
> folks. The most frequently asked question about the new release concerns
> color - yes, both versions will support color. We will be collecting bug
> reports from the community and will be issuing bug fixes as we get them
> done. The software will be made available via the Cornell FTP server and
> web site, as per usual. The formal announcement will be issued over the
> announce list, also as per usual, so keep your eyes peeled for it.
> Contrary to a lot of the rumors on the list, there are no issues between
> White Pine and Cornell. Quite the opposite actually. White Pine is
> committed to the CU Community just as much as we are and is working to
> ensure that it not only thrives, but grows as well. Cornell and White Pine
> have been and are working together very closely during this transitory
> period. Not true is the rumor of White Pine putting a wet blanket on the
> 1.0 release nor stifling it. There are technical issues with
> version 1.0 that need to be addressed and we have been working together to
> ensure compatibility etc, thus the delay.
> I hope this helps clear things up! We're looking forward to the pending official
> release and your feedback on it! We do listen to your concerns and issues
> but unfortunately can't not respond to all of them.
> Best ever,
> Martyne
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