Re: CuSeeMe 1.0 and Windows 98 II

Ralph D'Andrea (
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 16:33:50 -0600

Windows does not let a programmer specify WHICH IP address to bind to.
Do you have a network card in your puter? What's its IP? How bad do
you need to bind TCP/IP to it?

You used to be able to trick windows by installing your PPP adapter
last. But I had lots of problems with Cornell and Win95b, Dun 1.2b, and
Winsock 2.2. With these versions installed, NOTHING would make Cornell
bind to the PPP adapter. When I installed Win98, the problem went
away. It's a good thing too, because the Win98 default s3 video driver
whacks out at certain resolutions with WhitePine's CU. I'd have been

You can hit Start/Run/Winipcfg to see what your computer THINKS it has
in the way of TCP/IP bindings...

If you don't NEED TCP/IP bound to a network card, go into your Control
Panel/Network and delete the binding.

> Tom Prugh wrote:
> Thanks to many suggestions I have QuickPic and QuickMovie working in
> my Windows 98 system. I
> am using the original Connectix B/W QuickCam. The Cornell CuSeeMe
> version 1.0 also runs but for
> some strange reason does not show my dynamic IP. It shows a value of
> My normally
> assigned IP is in the range. What is wrong?
> Thanks,
> Tom Prugh