Re: CuSeeMe 1.0 and Windows 98 II

Jason Williams (
Tue, 30 Jun 1998 17:53:46 -0500 (CDT)

On Tue, 30 Jun 1998, Brian Godette wrote:
> Actually it's part of the TCP connect routines. By opening a TCP socket and
> connecting to an external destination you can use getsockname() after the
> socket is connected to find out what IP address was used as a source for
> your end.

I forgot about getsockname(). I take it there's not a UDP equivalent to
determine the IP for the source of a UDP datagram? I seem to recall only
knowing the port a datagram arrived on, not the IP. That would also
explain the problems you ran into figuring out what interface each packet
arrived on for binding to multiple interfaces at once.

> Since ERef doesn't support the conf-box (and never will, that's a
> WP only thingy and I'd rather not get into the legal issues of reverse
> engineering in the US).

I wonder if White Pine would mind. :)
They seem to welcome another client that supports the conference box, so
perhaps they'd also welcome another reflector that supported it as well.
Or maybe that's just wishful thinking. :)

> However I may have to look at what would happen if
> I just had a listening socket on 7648, let the WP clients connect to it,
> then close the socket, all depends on when WP gives a call to getsockname(). only White Pine reflectors open a listening socket on 7648. I may
be able to use that with my scanner. Cool. :)

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