White Pine 3.1.1 Final Release

Wayne Fisher (waynenf@mindspring.com)
Tue, 30 Jun 1998 19:32:02 -0400

For all those interested:

The release of White Pine CUSeeMe 3.1.1 ( currently on the White
Pine web site (http://www.wpine.com) is now the final release. Current
users of 3.x are encouraged to download this new release (as of 5/28/98 -
so, I'm a little slow) as it contains a wealth of bug fixes. Included in
these bug fixes are:

(1) b/w codec does not send to older clients
(2) color not seen by all clients
(3) disconnecting and then reconnecting to reflectors causes transmission

Since I have upgraded to, I have't seeen any of the major bugs
reported previously on this listserv. Be warned, though (smile Jason), the
random chat spewing bug and the failure to save text chat bug are still
around... from what I understand, the folks at White Pine are aware of
these issues.

And, I should clarify again... I DO NOT work for White Pine... I just like
their products :)

(P.S. And yeah, I gotta agree, Cornell's 1.0 client is pretty sharp).

- Wayne