Re: Connecting Problem

Brian Baublitz (
Wed, 01 Mar 1995 10:53:26 -0500

> We're running NT 3.5 Server. It works just fine with
>CUSeeMe. Check your TCP/IP configuration once more.
>What kind of internet-connection are you using?
> Bengt Haugland

I am also using NT 3.5 Server. I am connecting to the Internet through the
RAS. I use about 15 other programs that work great through this connection.
I have my name and IP number setup correctly (As far as I know).

My lmhost file has only the following entries which have been imported: localhost

My computer name is "bbaub-ppp" in the domain "".

If I ping, I get the name

I am able to get a connection to myself if I use "".