Audio/video question?

Kahan, Joseph M. (
Fri, 03 Mar 95 08:04:00 cst

How accurate is the Data window for the Macintosh CU-SeeMe version 8b
application. Is the Data rate is 95% accurate, frame rate is ???, and so on.

I understand audio is not counted, but at the 16K selection what does it
truly cost in bandwidth?

If I exceed the selected maximum video rate does CU-SeeMe truly cap
the video output rate even for buffered video data?

If I exceed the maximum data rate selection for a long period of time will CU-
SeeMe crash? And in that same note, if I exceed the video capability of my
machine to process two way audio plus video, will this cause CU-SeeMe to
crash or will the extra incoming data just get dropped?


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