Re: Connecting Problem

Brian Baublitz (
Fri, 03 Mar 1995 10:33:17 -0500

>Ditto! I used the test reflector set up by some users and it proves that
>the packets are reaching the targets. What seems to be the case is that
>the reflectors go looking for name confirmation via a name server and
>doesn't get pointed to the right place by NT??? I've tried to get around
>it on my NT-NT set ups using PPP but failed. If I connect to my local
>terminal server (UNIX) everything works fine. Go figure...

When I try to connect, I can see data being sent to the reflector and an
equal amount is returned. This happens twice in the first few seconds. A
few seconds later my system sends out a small amount of data every few
seconds, but there is no reply. After that, I get a "Could not connect
to..." message. It does appear that the reflector is looking for me at a
different/non-existent location. Is there a way to have the reflector look
for me by IP number? Any ideas of what to try next?