Re: Audio/video question?
Fri, 3 Mar 1995 14:03:05 -0500

Just to clarify, a bit, I earlier said:

>The Kbps and fps that is displayed in the rates bar should be very accurate
>>for Macintosh version 0.80b1 and above. It includes all data sent (in the
>>local window) and received (in remote windows).

All statistics reported by CU-SeeMe refer to the UDP payload. I.e., they
do not include IP headers (20 bytes/packet), UDP headers (8 bytes/packet)
or any lower level framing. For 50 ms audio, at 20 packets/second, IP+UDP
headers would add an additional 4.4 Kbps. Note, however, that most SLIP
software has facilities for header compression, so it's hard to gauge the
real impact.


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